Consider Window Tint: Car Tinting in Brisbane Saves Skin, Adds Comfort

Window tinting is both a science and an art. Window tint, also called window film, is usually a PET thermoplastic polymer installed on the surface of glass. The visible effect is to darken the glass, reducing the amount of light that passes through. While you've certainly seen it in use, do you know why it's increasingly popular among motorists in Brisbane?

Stay Safe in Brisbane: Car Tinting is Good for Your Health

Australia is famous for its beautiful, sunny summers. A little sun is great for that sun kissed look, but too much UV can lead to not only an uncomfortable burn, but also an increased risk of sun damage.

Without proper car tint in Brisbane, your incidental exposure to UV rays is much higher. Those windows might stop rain and wind, but they do absolutely nothing on their own against the sun's rays. Car window tinting for Brisbane residents can truly save lives by cutting UV exposure by up to 99%.

In the closed environment of your car, the sun acts as the gas for an oven. Even with the air conditioning on, it's an uphill battle to keep cool. With proper car tinting in Brisbane, you can cut that heating element by up to 60%, saving gas for your car and money for your wallet.

Different kinds of tinting offer distinct advantages and aesthetics, so find the right tint choice for your car windows.

Tint It in Style and Keep Your Car Looking Good

Over time, the sun can damage the upholstery of your car. To keep that brand new car feel in the Brisbane sun, you need professional car tinting. Without it, you may notice your leather upholstery begin to fade and crack. Anything you can do to cut UV exposure and decrease residual heat will be good for your car.

There's another benefit that most people don't even consider: shatter proofing. You probably didn't realise that car window tinting for Brisbane cars will actually increase the strength and sturdiness of your car windows. This decreases the likelihood of the windows breaking from incidental contact like a rock kicked up by a truck on the highway, or hailstones.

Get Your Questions Answered at Tint Mart

If you have questions about tinting your car, Brisbane residents can send an enquiry online to Tint Mart to start the process with Australia's largest independently owned and operated group of tint stores.