How Car Tinting in North Lakes Works

Wondering how tinting works for your vehicle? You can break down car window tinting into six easy steps. At Tint Mart, we want to take you through every step so you feel completely comfortable with the process of car tinting in North Lakes.

  • First, you choose your tint. We have a handy car tint selector on our website to make this step as easy as possible.
  • Next, we start to clean the windows so the tint adheres perfectly. This is actually one of the most important steps as even a tiny bit of dust or dirt can impact the entire process.
  • We now move on to cutting the tint film to fit your windows. There are a few ways to cut tint. Many shops use computers to accurately cut the film, but it is sometimes necessary to hand-cut the film for older model cars or custom jobs.
  • Now we have to shrink the film to make sure we get rid of the sections that curve up because auto glass is never completely flat. This step causes wrinkles to form in the film so we use a process called "shrinking" to smooth the film by using a heat gun to shrink the film to fit the curved window.
  • When we move on to the inside of the windows, we once again make sure the glass is perfectly clean so when we finally lay down the tint there is no unwanted bubbling.

Car tinting in North Lakes may seem complicated, especially to someone who strongly values the look and functionality of their car. We hope this step-by-step guide has made you feel more comfortable with the process and assures you we have both passion and experience for the tinting work we do in North Lakes. Contact us to book your car tinting in North Lakes today.