Protect Your Brisbane Home with Residential House Window Tinting by Tint Mart

Australia's largest window tinting chain, Tint Mart, installs long-lasting films for house window tinting in Brisbane. Known for our exceptional service and top-quality tint films for cars, we draw on our 23-year industry experience to get your home fitted with the right tinting solution, utilising state-of-the-art technology and the latest industry innovations.

Why Residential Window Tinting in Brisbane?

We don't have to be told that we live in one of the harshest climates on Earth. Sun protection is a vital component of outdoor activities and is something many vehicle owners choose to protect their car's interior. While many people consider tinting for automotive glass, residential window tinting throughout Brisbane is becoming a popular choice for homeowners for its numerous ecological and investment-protecting benefits.

Just as tinted windows work to keep a car cool while minimising UV ray penetration, we can treat house windows to provide the same results. House tinting for Brisbane homes provides UVA and UVB sun protection by acting as a mirror that reflects sun rays rather than letting them penetrate the glass. As tinting reduces UV penetration, your home's interior stays cooler, requiring less air conditioning. Reduced air conditioning use is both ecologically and economically beneficial.

In addition to protecting your loved ones from over-exposure to harmful UV rays, our home window tinting available in Brisbane works to protect your carpets, furniture, and keepsakes from sun damage and fading. Protected interior furnishings elongate the time between replacements, which is also ecologically and economically beneficial.

Ideal tint film selection depends on your protection priorities. A film with infra-red blocking ceramic, for example, works to block heat, keeping your home cooler with less fuel for air conditioning. The Infinity 5 is a dark film that allows only 5% light penetration, eliminating pesky glare and fading. Installation location may also be a factor as light-blocking windows could be welcome in your bedroom but not the ideal option for your living areas; your selection depends entirely on your home and your priorities.

Long-Lasting Premium Sun Protection from Tint Mart

Our reputation for consistent, honest, high-quality service has allowed us to expand. With 8 locations across SEQ, we are Australia's largest independent window tinting service. As independent service providers, we can offer you unbiased information about each product, giving you the power to compare home and auto-protecting selections based on your needs—not our sales motives.

Our family-owned operation is committed to providing high-quality professional service with a personalised touch. Whether you need reliable sun protection for your home or vehicle, trust your investment to Tint Mart. Our technicians are standing by to answer all your questions to help you weigh product options.