How to Choose the Best Company for Window Tinting in Brisbane

The price of tinting doesn't automatically guarantee the quality of the window film or the artistry of the installer. If you are considering window tinting in Brisbane for your car, home, or office, you should know what to look for.

Many window tinting companies are franchises affiliated with a manufacturer and they only sell one type of window film. Tint Mart is an independent family-owned business. We source our window film from various manufacturers and can offer you the type of film best suited to your needs.

If you are considering a dark window tint to cut light reflection, beware of products that contain a black dyed layer. Window films are either dyed, metallic, or a hybrid of the two. Infinity window film has all-metal construction with no dye or pigments in it, and we back the product with a lifetime warranty against blistering, bubbling, fading, and peeling. Our Infinity range offers unbeatable value for window tinting in Brisbane when you want to reduce glare but still have great outdoor views.

Tint Mart has been in business for nearly 25 years and we back up our lifetime guarantee for window tinting in Brisbane with excellent service. We are happy to answer all your questions when you visit one of our stores. Let us show you samples of window tint film to find the best shade for your windows. If you live in Brisbane, tinting your windows is as easy as enquiring with us— we have a store near you.