House tint selector

Colour samples are only a representation, for true tint colours please visit a store near you.

Tinting at home

Keeping you and your family cool and comfortable at home is easy when you tint your home windows with the similar high quality films that Tint Mart uses on cars. It stops up to 99% of ultra violet light, protecting your quality curtains, carpets and furniture from fading.

With up to 78% heat reduction, your house will be far cooler, more comfortable to live in and have the added benefit of reduced energy costs. Glare can be reduced by up to 95% making television and computer screens easier to watch without annoying reflections, and increasing privacy during the day

Tinting at the office

By simply tinting your office or shop front windows you can take away that annoying glare when trying to use computer screens, reduce air conditioning costs, help stop office furniture or shop displays from fading and make working conditions more comfortable.

If breakage occurs, because the film adheres to the glass, it helps hold shattered glass together. Therefore property damage and personal injury is minimised. For added security why not install a Security Film, which is almost impossible for thieves to penetrate.