Car window tinting

Black Pearl  $349
Black Pearl $349
Priced from $349
By utilising the latest alloys and multi layer film technology we have created a film that provides not only one of the blackest looking legal films on the market but also one of the sleekest looking films money can buy. Add that to its excellent h...
Ceramic 35 $299
Ceramic 35 $299
Priced from $299 sedan, hatch, & Dual Cab
The latest developments in Ceramic film technology have culminated in a film that ticks every box, Looks, Performance, and Price. State of the art nano ceramic particles provide a virtual brick wall to heat, stopping more heat from passing through ...
Ultra Black  $279
Ultra Black $279
Priced from $279
By utilising a heat reflecting metalic layer we have created a film that provides a great black colour and excellent heat reflecting properties stopping more than half the heat from passing directly through the glass. Ultra Black truly offers looks...
UV-X   from $239
UV-X from $239
Priced from $239
UV-X offers the latest non-metallic construction methods to provide an attractive darkest legal appearance utilising the latest fade proof materials. UV-X is totally signal friendly so no interference to Car radio, GPS, or Cell phone signals. ...