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Tinted windows can be handy when you have to drive a lot. Sometimes a sun visor just doesn't cut it. They also protect you and your passengers from harmful UV and significantly reduce heat transfer, giving you a cooler car in summer. However, if you get your windows tinted aftermarket, you must stay within the law. If you've not done it before, you may be concerned about the legality of tinting your windows.

It is legal to tint vehicle windows in Australia. However, there are limits on how dark the tint can be and where you can use it.

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Window Tint Laws In Australia

It is legal to have tinted windows on your car in Australia. However, the window tint percentage you can have varies between windows. The rules are also different in different states. You can check our complete guide to state by state window tint laws.

However, most states have the following basic laws.

  • You can tint your front side windows up to 35% VLT
  • You can have a strip of tint across the top 10% of your windscreen. However, it can't go below the top reach of your wipers. (except in WA)
  • You can tint your rear side windows up to 20% VLT.

Commercial Vehicle Window Tint Laws

Laws for commercial vehicles also vary by state but are usually in line with the rules on private cars. There is, however, one exception. In most states, there are different rules for rear windows.

The most common rules state that goods carrying vehicles can have any level of tint in windows behind the driver. This means you could install a 0% VLT tint if you wish. For registered commercial passenger vehicles, it is legal to install privacy glass behind the driver. There is no specific limit on shade percentage for privacy glass, and typically it is darker than 35%. Before installing any tint, it is worth checking your local laws.

Fine For Tinted Windows

If the police find that you have windows that exceed the legal limit, they can issue a fine. The amount will depend on the state or territory you're in. However, a fine is not the only issue with having windows too heavily tinted. You will also need to remove the tint, which requires professional training to do well. At Tint Mart Strathpine, we are experts at removing old tint from vehicle windows.

If you tint your car windows beyond the legal limit, this can invalidate your insurance. Your insurance company may consider it an unauthorised modification. The company can use it as a reason to deny any claim that you may need to make.

The other reason to avoid over-tinting your windows is in case of an accident. If you are in an accident while driving a car with over tinted windows, the police may use it as evidence against you. Regardless of the circumstances, you may be held accountable due to reduced visibility through your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is dark window tint illegal?

The darker the tint, the less light enters your car. This means that installing a tint can reduce your visibility. The limits are there to help prevent accidents.

What does the VLT percentage mean?

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmittance. It is the percentage of light that can pass through the tint.

Which is darker: 20% tint or 35% tint?

The percentage tells you how much light can get through, so 25% VLT is darker.

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